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Exceptional Honda Service in McKinney, TX

Honda cars and SUVs are designed to last long, but even the most durable vehicles require routine maintenance and care. That's where the service center at our McKinney, TX Honda dealership serving Plano, Allen and Frisco comes into play.

Our highly experienced and qualified service techs know your specific Honda model inside and out, and we perform maintenance and repairs on cars from all different makes and models as well. If you're due for an oil change or state inspection, or if your check engine light is on and your car has something noticeably wrong with it, sign up for a service appointment here at 601 S Central Expy, McKinney, TX today.

Free Wifi & Other Amenities

We try our best to make sure your time at our Honda Service Center is comfortable and we don’t hesitate to try and accommodate all our guests well beyond any other auto repair shop in McKinney.

We offer a full range of ways to assist you while you're here—and even when you leave:

  • Friendly customer service before, after, and during your appointment
  • Spacious lounge with free Wifi
  • Large HDTVs for entertainment while you wait
  • Complimentary coffee and snacks
  • Convenient parts & service department hours
  • Complimentary car wash, post-service
Oil Changes at Honda Cars of McKinney

Oil Change

Regular oil changes are super important to keep your car running smooth. Run more about your car’s engine and schedule your next Honda oil change with us!

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Tire Service & Sales at Honda Cars of McKinney

Tire Service & Sales

If you’re in need of a tire rotation, tire alignment, or need a new set of tires, our Honda tire center is here to help.

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Brake Service at Honda Cars of McKinney

Brake Service

Maintaining your Honda brakes is critical for your safety and the safety of everyone in your vehicle. Whether it’s brake pads or rotors, we’ll help you get back on the road!

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Battery Service at Honda Cars of McKinney

Battery Service

Do you need your battery tested or need somewhere to charge your car battery? Maybe you need to order a new one? We’re your one stop shop for car battery service!

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Windshield Wiper Replacement at Honda Cars of McKinney

Windshield Wipers

Having proper, working windshield wipers is important for staying safe in inclement weather. We can help you find the right wiper blades and install them for you, too!

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Transmission Service at Honda Cars of McKinney

Transmission Service

If you feel shaking in your car, whether you’re idling or driving, you might need a transmission inspection. We’ll flush your transmission system and get everything working like new.

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Honda Service Near Frisco

When you schedule your next service appointment at our Honda dealership, you'll notice a sense of ease and convenience throughout the process. For quick appointments like oil changes and tire rotations, we offer a comfortable waiting area with plenty of amenities like complimentary refreshments and free WiFi, so hanging out for less than an hour will be a fine option. For more involved repairs on your Honda's brakes, engine, or anything else crucial to driving safely, we'll work with your schedule as best as possible so you can make your way around as we take care of your car.

Genuine Honda Parts & More Ways to Save

Beyond the convenience you can expect with our service center, we also offer the finest Genuine Honda Parts, while our techs use the finest tools and equipment in a state of the art facility. Furthermore, we offer competitive rates, especially when you use these regularly offered service specials that will help you save with each visit.

Paying for affordable and high-quality maintenance and service now is a great way to maintain the value of your Honda. If you are in the Plano, Allen, or Frisco area, sign up for your next service appointment with Honda Cars of McKinney today to get started.

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Honda Service Center in McKinney

Come visit us at Honda Cars of McKinney near Plano where you can find our comfortable and state-of-the-art service center! Our Honda service center provides common maintenance and auto repair to all vehicles within the Honda lineup, as well as any other make and model you drive. Whether you’re needing routine maintenance done on your vehicle or some other big auto repair, our expert auto mechanics at Honda Cars of McKinney are prepared to make your car servicing experience as enjoyable as possible. Schedule your service appointment with us right now using our easy-to-use online service scheduler!

Why Service at Honda Cars of McKinney?

Drivers looking for a trusted service center in McKinney and Frisco might ask themselves, “Why should I choose to have my car serviced at Honda Cars of McKinney?” The answer is simple—we will take care of their vehicle and get them back on the road as fast and safely as possible! Known for our customer service satisfaction, our team of certified auto mechanics are here to make sure your car is (and stays) running in tip-top shape. There are many benefits drivers will find when servicing their vehicle at our Honda dealership and one of them is the range of services we offer. Some of the services we offer that you’d find at our auto body shop include:

Honda Oil Change Near Frisco

An oil change is probably the most routine maintenance that your car will have. But that begs the question, “When do I need to go get an oil change?” The first place to check for your Honda oil change schedule is in the Honda owner’s manual. Your Honda also has smart technology which automatically monitors the oil life using an advanced system to alert owners when it’s time for an oil change. By staying up to date on oil changes and routine maintenance, you can ensure peace of mind that your vehicle will run smoothly during its lifespan. Though every Honda vehicle is different, the typical oil span guideline is between 7,500 to 10,000 miles. If you typically drive under harsh conditions or frequently off-road, we recommend visiting earlier. Main benefits of staying up to date with oil changes include:
  • Ensuring engine parts stay lubricated
  • Ensuring your engine runs at maximum power
  • Ensuring your engine is free of pollutants
  • Ensuring your engine does not overheat
If you’ve indicated that it’s time for an oil change, stop by our service center at Honda Cars of McKinney to get serviced today. If you still have questions on your specific truck, please feel free to give us a call! So the next time you need a Honda oil change near Frisco, think of us and schedule your Honda service with us today!

Honda Brake Pads For Sale at Honda Cars of McKinney

Whether you’ve been commuting daily in your Honda car, or driving across the country with your family in your Honda SUV, we have certified Honda parts for every Honda brought into our service bays and are ready to provide quick and easy Honda brake service in McKinney. Here at Honda Cars of McKinney, we believe in only giving our customers the best of the best. That's why we only use genuine Honda OEM parts on all service and maintenance on vehicles that come to our center. Some benefits of brake offerings from Honda are:
  • Superior Braking Performance
  • Rigorously Tested
  • Quiet Brake Pads
  • Reduce Overheating and Brake Wear

Honda Brake Service Near Plano

Our Honda OEM brake components can be ordered for any vehicle, and we also offer great services for making sure your existing brakes are up to par. Besides the highest quality parts, our technicians are ready to perform any brake service you need, including the following:
  • Brake Inspection
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Brake Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Exchange
Our state-of-the-art and comfort-in-mind Honda service center is here and ready to service the brakes on your new or used Honda and you can trust that our certified Honda auto mechanics will take care of your vehicle and perform the best service possible. You can schedule your service appointment online now!

Honda Tire Service & Tire Replacement

At Honda Cars of McKinney, we make it as easy as possible to get the best Honda tire service near McKinney, Plano, Frisco, or the surrounding areas. Along with our great customer service and fast auto service, we also offer many options and help when it comes to finding the right set of tires for your vehicle. Additionally, we don’t just offer tires for sale, we offer all kinds of services for your tires and wheels. That includes tire rotations, wheel alignments, refilling the air in your tires, inspecting them for bubbles, tears, or irreparable holes, and much more! If you’re in need of assistance with getting a fresh set of tires purchased and installed, please reach out to us or feel free to schedule a tire service appointment today!

Air Filters Available for Any Vehicle

Do you find yourself in need of a new air filter? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our parts department has top-of-the-line parts and our service center is eager to help every vehicle that comes to our service bay. There are two different air filters in every vehicle: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. When either one goes past its acceptable interval of replacement, it can not only be harmful to the air that circulates through your car, but can also affect the performance of your engine and can ultimately lead to not only a loss of power, but also a loss in fuel efficiency. Trying to figure out if you are in need of an air filter? Here is a list of symptoms your car may be exhibiting if you need a new air filter:
  • Slow engine startup
  • Decrease in acceleration
  • Odd noises from the engine when idle
  • Dark smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Residue or grime build-up around engine air intake
  • Dirty air filter
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Service engine light on your dashboard
  • Decrease in air flow
  • Bad odor
  • Abnormal raise in noise coming from your air vents

Honda Transmission Service Near McKinney to Keep Your Car Healthy

Many drivers often overlook the big component/part maintenance of their vehicles, such as getting transmission service done on your new or used vehicle. Some common transmission services we offer include:
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Transmission Filter Replacement
  • Transmission Flush
  • Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Restoration

Trusted Honda Service Technicians Near Frisco

Our state-of-the-art service center in McKinney provides an incredible car-care experience. We receive positive feedback from customers looking for a "collision center near me" because we put you first. Your Honda service or auto repair will be timely, and we will help you understand the work our experienced technicians will perform. Does it seem like your Honda car or SUV is making a grinding noise following a recent off-road adventure? Give our repair specialists a call and tell them about your concern. Our certified Honda auto mechanics will help diagnose the problem, order the correct parts, and make sure you are scheduled properly for repairs.

Certified Auto Mechanic Near McKinney

Finding an auto mechanic that you can trust to service your vehicle for a fair price, along with superior customer service, can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, our team at Honda Cars of McKinney is here to help! We can assure you that our service team is made up of trustworthy mechanics you can count on. Our services are given at great prices, and we even offer auto service financing options through Ally Lending for any repair or maintenance that may be too out of budget for you when you really need it. To keep your new or used car in excellent working condition so that you can continue to explore the adventures of Texas, be sure to stay on top of your oil changes, brake replacements, and filters. You can cause severe wear and tear on your engine if you fail to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual or give us a call for any specific questions.

Your Trusted McKinney Service Center is Here for You

As an owner of one of our reliable vehicles, whether it be from the Honda lineup or another popular make, enjoying different levels of power over the road or terrain comes with the territory. Whether it’s the asphalt quickly passing under your car or the winding roads paving the way for your family vacation, your vehicle is constantly working to provide high-quality performance. That’s why at Honda Cars of McKinney, keeping drivers on the road for the long haul is our main objective. Trust our Honda service center to get you back on the road and enjoy the peace of mind we’re working so hard to have you keep. Schedule a service, give us a call, or explore our ever-changing Honda service coupons today!