RSVP New Honda Owners Clinic

We would like to invite you to our "New Honda Owners Clinic"

It is currently held in our Service Department four times a year. It is a short program designed to help you get even more enjoyment and savings out of your new Honda. We welcome everyone and we are sure that it will be a wise investment of your time.

Please pick the most convenient date for you and let us know you want to attend.

  • "The Care and Feeding of your New Honda"
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Repair Bills With…
  • Helpful Hints  /  Proper Honda Maintenance
  • Trouble Shooting Tips  /  Emergency Procedures
  • Answers to all of your Questions & Concerns


*Upcoming Clinic Dates: REVISED
Thursday - November 14, 2019      7:30 PM
New 2020 Dates to be added soon!

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