For the new, redesigned 2018 Honda Accord, the biggest news might not be what it's added--but what it's missing.

During the process of the redesign, Honda quietly dropped the coupe body style that drivers have known for years, and the new 2018 model (and future Honda Accord models) will be available only in the classic four-door sedan configuration.

While this news may come as a big surprise to some, it actually does follow the pattern that we'd been seeing for Honda Accord generations. There used to be all sorts of variations on the Honda Accord--including a wagon, a hatchback, and, in a way, the Honda Crosstour--and they've all slowly gone by the wayside.


Why did Honda discontinue its Honda Accord Coupe?


We can't know for sure, but we have some guesses.

  • Falling sales numbers
  • Quantity vs quality
  • The popularity of the Honda Civic Coupe

The fact that they discontinued the Honda Accord Coupe after 2017 suggests that sales numbers just weren't stacked in its favor. While there will always be the rabid enthusiast, it makes sense to halt production of a car that isn't generating enough new buyers.

Or, Honda sacked the coupe body style for its popular midsize car in order to devote more time, energy, and R&D funds into making the best possible sedan and hybrid sedan that it could. This reason is plausible when you look at the immense strides that the 2018 Honda Accord has taken to step ahead of the competition.

A final reason--and a compelling one--is that the typical coupe buyer isn't looking for a ton of space. More often than not, a driver shopping around for a coupe is looking for something small and sporty. The new 2018 Honda Civic Coupe is compact, athletic, and offers a peppy turbocharged four-cylinder engine, providing an easy alternative to the larger midsize coupe that used to be featured in the lineup.

What do you think of the change?

If you welcome the upgrades to the new 2018 Honda Accord--and don't much miss the coupe--be sure to browse new lease deals and specials available at Honda Cars of McKinney.


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