The "dad car" might be joining the same ranks as the "dad bod"--maybe not the most impressive, but it gets the job done. But, like the new category of dad bods, the new category of "dad cars" is rooted in realism. Dads need good cars.

And, as Benjamin Preston--a reviewer for The Drive--concluded, the 2018 Honda Civic is a sensible, fun, and entertaining car for new dads.

He took a look at the 2018 Honda Civic Sport and Touring models, considering both the hatchback and the sedan, to see whether this compact could be a good fit for his new lifestyle as a new, first-time dad.

He recalls back to the days of his family's old, beloved Honda Civic cars from long ago--and while nostalgia might have colored his opinions, good or bad, Preston had a lot of good things to say about the car.


Is the Honda Civic a Good Car for Your Family?

Do you like space?

Comfortable seats?

Reliable performance that's going to last?

Solid child-seat anchors and good safety ratings?

Then the new 2018 Honda Civic could very well be a great choice for your family--the reviewer calls out seat comfort and the durability that Honda's known for as major reasons to like this car, but there's a lot more to look forward to.

We liked Preston's tagline at the head of the page: "Honda's small Civic set the bar for efficient, entertaining transportation a long time ago. And it still delivers on that promise."

You can read the whole article here.


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