Car and Driver's Long-Term Review of the 2018 Honda Odyssey


While some cars are meant to come and go, the versatility, quality, and reliability of the Honda Odyssey full-size minivan make it the type of vehicle that's meant to stay.

That's why Car and Driver, after a ton of updates to the all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey, decided to keep one for a long-term test drive to get a really in-depth look at what is was, what it could do, and why it might be a good fit for families.

What better way to do that than to send the Honda Odyssey out on some summertime adventures?

Here are just a few highlights from Car and Driver's review of the 2018 Honda Odyssey:

  • Front-seat comfort for short and long drives
  • Rear-seat comfort for kids
  • Convenience of integrated Honda Vac
  • Ease of use of the rear-seat entertainment system
  • Included entertainment and streaming apps


Car and Driver editors were particularly pleased with the comfort of seating over really long trips--which, of course, is the norm for Georgia families in the summertime:

"Multiple drivers observed that they were comfortable behind the wheel for six or more hours at a time, while second-row passengers brooked no complaints about their accommodations, either, whether upright for sightseeing or reclined for napping."


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