How to Prep Your Car for Spring

Spring comes a little earlier in Texas than it does for our friends to the north, so that means that now is a great time to start thinking about how you're going to prep your car for the spring season.

The techs in the Honda Cars of McKinney service center are already looking forward to driving and traveling in the warmer weather--and we want you to feel the same way.

Come in before the end of February to get your car, truck, or SUV fully-prepped for spring. Schedule your appointment today, or explore new service coupons and specials to see if you could save.


Change Engine Oil / Oil Filter

Unless you got your oil changed over the winter, you're likely due. Cold-weather starts and short trips--the usual for wintertime travel--puts additional stress on your lubrication system, and you may find that you need an oil change sooner than the usual 5,000 - 7,500 miles recommended for most cars.


Check Fluids & Coolant

Who doesn't use a ton of windshield wiper fluid during the winter? As spring rolls in, you don't want to get caught with an empty reservoir of wiper fluid or coolant. Your next service visit is also a great time to get your brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid checked, too.


Get a Battery Check

Brutal cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your battery's life, especially if it's getting up there in age. We can check the charge in just minutes at your next service visit, and let you know how much life is left. Starting off spring with a brand-new car battery can be a breath of fresh air.


Check or Swap Over Your Tires

It's always the right time to check tread depth--if your tires are bald, we can help you get a great price on a new set. If you slapped on a set of winter tires or M + S all-seasons for the cold winter months, you can start to think about changing back to your summer tires in the coming months. It's also important to keep an eye on tire pressure during this weather changeover--warming temperatures mean rising air pressure in your tires.




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