Grab Great Deals on 2017 Honda Models Before the End of the Year


New models are rolling in every week here at Honda Cars of McKinney, and we need to make some room.

That's why, now through the end of the year, we'll be offering budget-friendly deals on our remaining 2017 Honda inventory to help move out current stock and free up spaces for incoming vehicles.


2017 Honda SUV Deals

It's the age of the crossover. Freedom of movement, combined with new performance-savvy improvements to engines and transmissions, means that a new compact SUV like the 2017 Honda CR-V can be a practical, fun, and affordable choice for just about anyone. Made even more affordable by competitive prices and lease deals offered right here.


Deals on 2017 Honda Family Vehicles

You know how to penny-pinch to get the most for your family at the best price. But you don't want to compromise when it comes to safety, security, and comfort on the road. At Honda Cars of McKinney, you can get great prices and great deals on brand-new models like the seven-seater 2017 Honda Pilot.


2017 Honda Car Deals

Honda cars are known for their reliability, comfortable cabins, and enjoyable performance mile after mile. If you've been dreaming of a new car, the 2017 Honda Civic will be right up your alley, and we want to help you save. Explore inventory online, or come on in to our showroom, to see the full new selection of 2017 Honda Civic sedans, coupes, and hatchbacks.


We may have some exclusive 2017 Honda incentives available in the new year, too--but that's only if we actually have any cars left by then! With exciting lease and financing deals like these, we might not.


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